The view from here.

I can’t pretend I’m not jealous. It’s the middle of NYFW and fashion bloggers are in the spotlight as they bask in the glory of  the frow. Exclusive invitations and back-stage passes are handed out to these social media gurus who get to blog about what we should wear six months from now. I would kill for a reserved spot to Instagram Phillip Lim’s collection, but my perspective as a future-fashion-designer goes beyond what’s “trending.”

When I look at fashion, I want to know what happens “behind the seams.” Trends are all around us, but the information behind their existence is not so apparent. In my blog, I want to investigate the art of clothing design and the substance behind what we know to be “pretty.” Because I know the basic fundamentals of design, my view is different from that of the social-media-marketer seated next to the runway. I want to know how these wearable works are created and how the designers come to the conclusions they do in their quarterly runway shows. I want to share my own appreciation for fashion design and question how we see it. My blog will go back to the basics of stitching and sewing to understand the innovation and evolution of fashion design. The question will not be “who are you wearing?” but “what?”


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