what is textile design?

We know what a fashion designer’s role is in creating a garment, yet we often forget what it takes for them to create a finished collection. Garments can’t be made without thread, buttons, lace, and fabric, which is where textile designers become important. This division is often forgot about when we see collections like Alice and Olivia’s Spring 2014 line because we are focusing on the construction of the pieces. These forgotten voices need recognition and acknowledgment, which is why I have decided to contribute to the textile design page on Wikipedia.

While this page briefly shares the process of how to create textiles, it does not go into depth the history or man contributors in this art form. It does not to justice to those who have degrees in this specific craft. The article focuses on textile design and its importance in our every day lives; the importance of rugs, towels, and drapes. But it is so much more than that. What about what we wear and how we express our individual style? What about the recognition the fashion designers get for a floral print that someone else created? When you are paying for an expensive t-shirt, it isn’t the style that gives it value, it is what the shirt is made of. Behind the seams, textile design is the core of fashion.

Wikipedia simply scrapes the surface in regards to textile design by telling us the basic information regarding the process, providing a handful of different approaches. But what about the history? There are many stories about the evolution of textile design in a variety of different countries, each one contributing to our techniques in creating fabric today. The “threads of history” are missing, and while the information may be scattered throughout other wiki pages, it needs to be part of the textile design one for those who seek interest in the subject matter. If someone were to just look at the current wiki page for information, I would argue they would know little to nothing about the subject, and my goal is to change that.

I am going to evolve this page to provide more interest and accurate information. I want the page to go more in depth about the process, the famous figures who participated in the development of textile design, and the history of the art. While there are so many ways to approach this bare page, I know I want to include how it pertains to fashion design and ultimately high fashion and couture. As an aspiring designer myself, I know the value of this information and I am hoping to further inform others in my position as well as those who express interest in it.


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