My final post.

I am going to honest. I have always known what new media was in terms of definition, but never more than that. I did know, however, that I am not the biggest fan of social media, even though I use it regularly. I thought tweeting was the extent of new media, because that’s all anyone ever talks about anymore. (So I recently started tweeting, and blogging) Through exploring new media, I have learned a lot, such as its importance in how we communicate and how to decode what everyone is trying to say. in. fragments. 


New media is changing faster than I have time to understand it. The newspaper used to be new media, and now it is blogging and videos and Instagram. While we have to adapt to the change of new media, it has to adapt to our reaction to it. We are reading less and less and looking for a constant stream of information to curb our never ending boredom when stimuli is briefly removed from our interactive lives. This cycle of information is not only addicting, but it has changed the ways of the media, hence “new” media. 

And what we are finding when exploring the web are more often than not unoriginal concepts and references, making most new media sources hypertextual. One would think hypertextuality would become redundant as one scrolls from page to page seeing the same information. But that is what connects us to the “conversation” we are looking for. There are so many outlets for conversation now, I would argue more now than ever. There is always something to “talk” about. It is through new media that we are informed and up to date on important topics and problems our interests face. I just created a blog about fashion illustration because I felt that because I have a perception that it is becoming a lost art, its importance is enough to bring attention to why that matters. But I didn’t just say why it matters, I showed it, through hypertextuality. 

This blog wasn’t just designed for the computer, because that wouldn’t be considered new media enough. Design decisions were made so the page could be nicely viewed on a mobile device, which acts as the techne. Our constant access to the internet makes us always use this tool. Waiting in line, at the doctors office, and just anywhere. Everything is at our fingertips. While we used to assume websites should be first designed for the computer and then mobile devices, the times have changed. The computer as the techne is less and less a source for new media, as it is becoming “dated.”

While I struggled with the feeling of not wanting to succumb to new media, I had no choice because it was the smart thing to do. And after understanding that there is more depth to it than selfies, I have a new respect along with my diminishing confusion. How new media has changed us only makes me wonder what the future holds and what will be considered “new” tomorrow? I know learning about it gives me the upper hand as I enter the world of fashion design, which has evolved tremendously with the world of blogging. The way information is delivered about up and coming trends is no longer through word of mouth or old catalogs. It is through new media. Not only that, but the fashionistas get to be part of the same inner circle by following certain blogs, and I think self identity becomes more assured through this process because we can connect with those who share our same interests. 

By creating my own blog and new media project, I learned that there is much more thought involved in creating an identity and a reason to “talk” than I ever expected. I initially assumed that blogs were silly, but educated discussions can be had through the blogosphere, we hope. It has to be strategic and engaging, otherwise it gets lost in the sea of information that is constantly at our fingertips. I do hope that literacy will remain “a thing” for the years to come, and I don’t mean visual literacy, even though I am a visual person. 

Ultimately, as new media changes, we have to change with it. And there are ways to use it for knowledge, which may be the simplest yet most important thing I have learned through my experience as a temporary blogger, for now. 



I’ve always wanted to say signing out, so here it is. 


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